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Discover the wonders of healthy eating and intuitive nourishment. In this enchanting children's book, young readers aged 7 to 12 are introduced to the principles of mindful eating in a captivating and educational way.


Written by a registered dietitian, "Trust your tummy - A journey into intuitive eating" combines informative storytelling with educational components to engage young minds. Through delightful tales and relatable characters, children learn the importance of listening to their bodies, recognizing hunger cues, and making nourishing choices.


From exploring the marvelous world of their tummies to creating balanced meals using The Plate Model, Lidia, David, and Adam embark on exciting adventures that promote a positive relationship with food. They discover the joy of mindful eating and snacking, the art of savoring each bite, and the benefits of embracing a variety of flavors and textures.


With a friendly and inclusive tone, this digital e-book in PDF format empowers kids to develop a deeper understanding of their bodies' needs, make mindful food choices, and cultivate a lifelong love for healthy eating.


"Trust your tummy - A journey into intuitive eating" is an invaluable resource for parents, educators, and health professionals seeking to inspire children to nourish their bodies and minds while fostering a positive relationship with food. Whether read independently or shared as a family, this delightful book is an essential addition to any child's library.


Embark on this enchanting adventure with Lidia, Adam and David and empower young readers to embrace the magic of healthy eating, one mindful bite at a time.

Trust your tummy - A journey into intuitive eating (e-book)

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