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Colouring Easter Eggs with a Twist: My Family's Onion Peel Tradition

Every Easter, I find myself diving back into childhood memories, especially those times spent with my grandma, dyeing eggs with onion peels. Colouring eggs this way is a tradition in my family, and the result is sunning: beautiful, naturally tinted eggs. This year, though, I've experimented a bit, combining those cherished onion peels with colorful dyes to add a fun, modern twist.

Using onion peels for coloring Easter eggs is something my grandma taught me. It's a simple, eco-friendly way to get lovely earth-toned eggs. But instead of sticking to the leaf printing method we used to use, I decided to play around with cut-up peels and see what new patterns emerged.

Here's How You Can Do It Too:

Getting Started: Chop up peels from different colored onions – red, yellow, white – into small bits. They’re going to help create the cool marbled look later on.

a bowl with cut up onion peels, with eggs and nylon stockings beside it

Setting the Scene: Dip an egg in water so it's a bit wet, then stick the onion peel pieces onto it. Cover the egg completely or in a pattern, your call. Wrap the egg in a piece of old stocking and tie it up to keep everything in place.

Cooking Time: Put your eggs in a pot, pour in enough water to cover them, and mix in a couple of tablespoons of salt and vinegar. These additions help the dye stick. Heat until boiling, then turn off and let them sit in the hot water for about 13 minutes.

Adding Color: After the eggs have cooled, dip them into cups of dye. I used classic red, yellow, and blue this time. The onion peels act like stencils, adding unique patterns to the eggs.

The Big Reveal: Take the eggs out of the dye, snip off the stocking, and peel off the onion bits. You’ll see some pretty amazing patterns underneath!

What I love about this approach is how it blends my grandma’s tradition with my own creative spin. It's super easy and the results are always a surprise – perfect for adding a personal touch to your Easter celebration.

I’d love to see how your onion peel-dyed eggs turn out! Share your creations with me on Instagram at Nutrition_check and let's celebrate this wonderful blend of tradition and creativity.


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