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6 Things to Do with Apples: Beyond the Classic Pie

Apples, a staple in many kitchens, are often celebrated in their two most famous forms – as crunchy apple slices and the classic apple pie. But there's a whole world of creativity to explore with this versatile fruit. Here are five unique and intriguing ways to use apples, steering clear of the usual pies, sauces, and ciders. Get ready to see apples in a whole new light!

1. Apple Chips with a Twist

Imagine snacking on something crispy, sweet, and utterly delicious. Apple chips are a fantastic alternative to regular potato chips and are surprisingly easy to make. Thinly slice your apples, sprinkle with a dash of cinnamon, and bake them until they're crispy. For an adventurous twist, try sprinkling a little chili powder or cumin for a spicy kick!

2. Savory Apple Chutney

Who said apples could only be sweet? Create a savory apple chutney that pairs perfectly with cheese platters or as a condiment for grilled meats. Cook down apples with onions, vinegar, a touch of sugar, and spices like mustard seeds and ginger. The result is a delightful mix of sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors that will elevate any dish.

3. Apple and Herb Stuffed Chicken

Apples can add a unique flavor to savory dishes, like an apple and herb stuffed chicken. Mix diced apples with fresh herbs, breadcrumbs, and a bit of garlic, and use it as a stuffing for chicken breasts. The apples keep the chicken moist while roasting and infuse it with a subtle, sweet flavor.

4. Apple-Based Vegan Cheese

For those on a dairy-free diet, apples can be a surprising base for a vegan cheeze. Blend cooked apples with cashews, nutritional yeast, and seasonings until smooth. The result is a creamy, spreadable cheeze that’s perfect for crackers or sandwiches.

5. Curried Apple Soup

Soup might not be the first thing you think of when you have apples, but they can create a beautifully smooth and flavorful dish. Blend cooked apples with vegetables like carrots and onions, add some curry powder, and puree until smooth. It’s a comforting soup with an unexpected flavor profile.

6. Chocolate Covered Apples

This snack is perfect for Valentine's day just around the corner. Cut an apple into thick slices. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Stick them on a skewer, and drizzle with melted chocolate. You can add a dash of cinnamon to your chocolate for extra flavor.

Do you have your own unique apple creation? Share your thoughts and experiences with me on Instagram @nutrition_check.

Image description: A red apple with a heart shaped cutout on its peel.


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