A healthy lifestyle is not about dieting, but eating well and being active.


Food is everywhere and the options are endless. Should you eat organic food? Is gluten bad for you? How about artificial colours and flavours? Figuring out what to eat can be a big challenge, yet it is of utmost importance because it has a great effect on your overall health and well-being. After all, you are what you eat.

Our Registered Dietitian will show you how to eat simple, healthy foods that are nutritious, delicious, and most importantly personalized to your specific needs.

Our dietitian is available as both an expert source and a contributor for print and broadcast media; to conduct seminars and workshops, as well as to do individual counselling to help you feel good about your food choices.

Our Dietitian

Hana Klimczak, BASc RD
Member of College of Dietitians of Ontario
Member of Dietitians of Canada

Hana Klimczak is a master of health studies candidate and a registered dietitian, with experience in private practice, the media, corporate, clinical, long term care and community nutrition.

Hana wrote articles for Canadian Family Magazine, was interviewed and quoted by the Huffington Post, Elevate Magazine and Toronto Star and has appeared on CTV news.

Hana provides nutrition education on topics such as healthy eating and lifestyle, diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, pregnancy, infant, toddler and child nutrition, eating disorders and weight management.

Hana is licensed to facilitate Craving Change™ workshops with individuals and groups.

Hana is driven by passion to help clients make healthier choices and achieve their nutrition goals. She believes that a healthy lifestyle is not about dieting, but eating well and being active.

Nutrition Tip #24

Did you know that iron is a major component of red blood cells, is a key component of hemoglobin, and is involved in oxygen transport? Good sources of iron are meat, eggs, tofu, fortified breads and cereals, dried fruit and legumes.

Insurance Coverage

Health insurance companies generally provide coverage for nutrition counselling. Check with your private insurance provider for coverage on services provided by a registered dietitian.


Hana Klimczak, RD
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Tel: (647) 533-5511
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